Whole30 - Week 1 Recap

With Antlers and Rosé



Whole30 Week 1 is done!  That's seven entire days without sugar, but who's counting?  Me!  But seriously, I have already noticed some major PROS of this Whole30 thang and a few itty bitty CONS.  I can't wait to hear about how your Whole30 experience has been going!


Sleep!  To know me, is to know that I love my sleep.  On the daily I sleep well, but on Whole30 it's insane!  I don't think I even move an inch at night.

Bloat be gone.  I can always tell how swollen I am by how my wedding band fits.  Girls, my wedding ring is already loose!  

Hydrated.  Since the only thing I've been drinking this past week has been coffee, tea and water - I am feeling hydrated.  Let's just say the bathroom visits have dramatically increased (TMI?).


I miss my wine!  Enough said.

Sluggish -  I have been feeling sluggish during my workouts.  I remember this feeling my first go-around with the Whole30 Program and I know it will get better by day 12 - 14.  Bring on that "tiger blood."

Grocery Shopping, UGHH!  Even with planning meals ahead, I still find myself visiting the grocery store every few days needing more fresh produce.  Anyone else hate going to the grocery store?

How was your first week on The Whole30 Program?




Dinner - Caulipower Pizza Crust / Boulder Hot Italian Sausage / Spinach / Kalmata Olives / Mushrooms / Artichokes / Sauce- Sauteed Campari Tomatoes and Garlic in Olive Oil

Workout - Warriors @Enodorphin





Breakfast - Fried Eggs / Avocado / Cherry Tomatoes / Teton Waters Sausage

Workout - Strength Training @Endorphin






Snack - Banana / Bluebberries / Blackberries

Workout - Warriors @Endorphin







Drink -  Coffee / 1 tsp Ghee / Almond Milk / Cinnamon

Workout - Strength Training @Endorphin






Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs with Turkey Sausage / Spinach / Sweet Potato / Avocado

Workout - Warriors @Endorphin






Lunch on the Mountain - Grilled Chicken / Bacon / Lettuce / Tomato

Workout - Ski Day with Family @VailColorado






Dinner - Stuffed Red Peppers / Avocado

Workout - Walk with Stella Kate @vailvillage



I'd love some meal ideas.  Please share below some of you favorite Whole30 breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

xx, Brook


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