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Shhhh! The beauty secret you only tell your best friends about… Botox

I consider myself an open and honest person. Yet there is one beauty secret I keep close to my heart…. The fact that I’ve been getting botox for the past 5 years (gasp). 

Yes, I still remember when I lost my botox virginity… I was at my annual mole screening (#melanomasurvivor)  with my dermatologist when I asked her…”Do I need botox?” I thought for sure her response would be, “No, you are too young,” or “Maybe in a few years.”  Nope, she quickly responded “absolutely” (and not in a money making kind of way). We then went on to discuss botox for maintenance and why starting earlier will save you money, and wrinkles, in the long run.


The “frowned” upon topic

There's a long list of things we're still not "supposed" to talk about.  Politics. Religion. Salary. Smoking weed.  And in the beauty industry, the taboo topics are plastic surgery and injectables, despite the fact that more than 7 million botulininm toxin procedures were performed in 2017.  So a ton of people are doing it, but no one is talking about it?

I know I risk a lot of judgement and ridicule by sharing this little secret with you but here, at Antlers and Rosé, I want to be open and honest about the styles I love and the beauty treatments and products I swear by. So friends I’m saying it loud and proud, I love my quarterly visits to Vail / Aspen / Breckenridge Dermatolgy for my “maintenance botox.” Here’s the thing, working in the beauty industry, most (if not all) are on the Botox Bandwagon. I don’t want to be misleading to you, my readers, or my clients.  While I love using and recommending serums, creams and any and all anti-aging products, I also get an extra lift and smooth from my little friend, Botox.





Botox for Maintenance

WTF is Botox for maintenance?  Basically it is injecting a very minimal amount to address areas of concern (wrinkles) without completely freezing your face (Real Housewives).  In my opinion, it's all about moderation, my goal is to look the same, rather than to look dramatically different.  You don't drive your car into the ground and get it fixed every 10 years - you do regular maintenance to keep it running like new, right?  Best way to describe a "good" amount of botox in my opinion - Your husband won't notice but your mom will.


Do your Research

Although botox is now more widely available than ever before, it's so important you see a qualified, experienced expert, even if they are more expensive. Botox injections softens and temporarily freezes the muscles, which means the treated area will stay flat and it is no joke. It lasts 3 - 6 months and can’t be undone until it has worn off. Be smart and do your research, after all, this is your face, you don't want to f#$k it up. 

I absolutely recommend going to a Dermatologist or a Registered Nurse and I highly recommend Clair Mann at  Vail / Aspen / Breckenridge Dermatology. 


My Results

Botox results are not immediate.  You'll start to see the effects after 3- 5 days, and it may take up to 2 weeks for maximum results. 

Once again, I'm extremely happy with my results thanks to Vail / Aspen / Breckenridge Dermatology!  I still have movement and expression, but those fines lines have been reduced and I have a nice little lift in the eye area. 

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Thank you to Vail / Aspen / Breckenridge Dermatology for my BOTOX Treatment!




Suzanne Dicks

Great looking blog and articles! I haven’t read all of them-but working my way through them!

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