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25 Days of Fitness & Self Care




The holiday season is a time to be merry and bright! But we know all too well that too much of a good thing can be less than joyful. When my schedule is packed it's easy to forget to take time for myself. Let's face it, when mamas unhappy, ain't nobody happy. So it’s important to be mindful, among the carols and gifts, gatherings and trips, to take time for yourself too.

I've included 5 steps to remember during this his Holiday Season to help YOU stay focused on your Holiday wellness!




Step 1 Organize your Calender

Whether you’re a family of one or many, getting organized will ease your mind and save you time. Take 15 minutes to review your calendar. Have you over committed (yup, this girl has). Maybe there’s an event you want to cancel or a weekend you want to block out for no obligations. Gather your thoughts and remember how you want to feel this holiday season. Spacious? Connected? Centered? Adjust your plans accordingly and remember- It's ok to say no. 


Step 2 Savor your Sleep

Sleep- I need it, I want it and I love it. Getting quality sleep is a top priority in my life because sleep, in addition to exercise and nutrition, are vital to my wellness. A good night's rest leads to a clear and focused mind, less stress and a good mood. Make sure to get your 7-9 hours of sleep each night so you can be productive, happy and healthy this Holiday Season!




Step 3  Stay Hydrated

Remeber to stay hydrated this Holiday Season (with water not with booze:)!  This step is simple but most often forgotten.  Drink that damn water and then you can enjoy your glass of vino!


Step 4  Quality Time

"Hustle and Bustle" is a common phrase during the holidays but we can't be everywhere and everything to everyone (believe me, I've tried).  So make sure to carve out quality time for you and your family to recharge and refuel for the upcoming year.   Some of our families favorite holiday activites are; skiing, watching movies, pond hockey, ice skating, baking cookies, game nights and dance offs!  No matter what the activity is, the important thing to remember is to have quality time with your family and loved ones! 

"It's the most wonderful time of the year."



Step 5 Exercise

Let's move together, everyday, for 25 days this Holiday Season! It's simple, only 1 exercise each day which can be done in the comfort of your home. You can do all of the reps together or split them up throughout the day and please make any necessary modifications.  Who's in? 

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25 Days of Fitness

Day 1 - 100 Push Ups  

Day 2 - 200 Squats

Day 3 - 1 Minute plank hold x 2

Day 4 - 100 Sit Ups 

Day 5 - 50 Burpees

Day 6 - 20 minute Walk / Run

Day 7 - 5 minute Meditation / Stretch

Day 8 - 150 Push UPs

Day 9 - 250 Squats

Day 10 - 1 minute Plank hold x 3

Day 11 - 150 Sit Ups

Day 12 - 75 Burpees

Day 13 - 25 minute Walk/ Run

Day 14 - 10 Minute Meditation / Stretch

Day 15 - 200 Push Ups

Day 16 - 300 Squats

Day 17 - 1 Minute Plank Hold x 4

Day 18 - 200 Sit Ups

Day 19 - 100 Burpees

Day 20 - 30 minute walk/run

Day 21 - 15 Mediation / Stretch

Day 22  - 250 Push Ups

Day 23 -  300 Squats

Day 24 - 1 minute plank Hold x 5

Day 25 - Merry Christmas!  Get out and enjoy the day with your Family - Snowshoe, Ski, Run, Walk...Move!!!




Wishing you and yours a Holiday Season filled with Love, Joy and Health!

xx, Brook



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