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Professional Style Services by Brook Richards.

Vail, Colorado Style Services

Brook will meet with you where it all starts, in your closet, for a wardrobe edit! During your appointment,we will work together to solve all of your wardrobe dilemmas! I will audit your current wardrobe and perform a “closet sweep.” Did you know that most women only use 40% of their wardrobe? The Style Edit is designed to assist you in maximizing your wardrobe by mixing and matching your current clothing and accessories to create new outfits you didn’t know you had.


The Details

The Style Edit with Brook Richards $500

  • Edit Existing Wardrobe (donate or sell)
  • Put together lookbook from closet for events (up to 4)
  • 3 Hours for Wardrobe, some larger wardrobes may take more time (each additional hour, over 3 hours is an additional fee of $100 per hour.
  • Beauty Consultation and Makeup Application 1 Hour


Additional Services

Explore additional style services

It helps to have a girlfriend in the dressing room with you. But it’s even more helpful to have a stylist in the dressing room with you. Call this the most efficient, educational and enjoyable shopping experience of your life. When you are able to shop with someone that has an eye for what works best for you, it makes a shopping experience fun and productive.

We will shop together at stores based on your budget, style and body type. You will discover the best, colors, shapes and styles for your body, personality and lifestyle.

I will put together outfits for you and I will educate you on the appropriate silhouettes, fabrics and styles to look for when shopping on your own.

Good fashion stylists know how to accentuate the positive attributes of the people they dress. Choosing the right outfit to flatter someone—in a way that is appropriate for each event - is an art.

$75 / Hour Plus Travel Expenses

How It Works

I offer a step-by-step process that sets you up for fashion success. Plus we have a lot of fun doing it!


We will go through every piece of clothing in your closet - that’s shirts to shoes to scarves - even your jewelry! We will work together to decide what to keep, alter, donate or sell. The goal being to narrow down key items to work with moving forward.


Now that we have decided what stays and what goes, we can begin to put looks together from your very own closet. I will also create a list of new wardrobe items and accessories (within your budget) that will help to optimize your current wardrobes potential.



During this step I will have you start to try on various looks and we'll analyze and enhance them. I'll get your feedback and provide you with my recommendations. I'll show you how key pieces in your wardrobe can be used from casual looks to meetings with clients.


Our style is our total package - head to toe. Hair and makeup are just as important to looking and feeling your best. We will review your existing makeup and determine if your products best suit your skin and desired look. I will apply, educate and recommend.


If you are interested in a Style Edit or Additional Style Service by Brook Richards you can schedule your style service or contact Brook directly anytime with questions. 


  • "I went to Brooke looking for an updated professional look that was easy to accomplish - in 5 min flat :) Brook was able to give me a fresh, natural and professional makeup look that takes no time at all! She is such a sweetheart, listened to what I was looking for and nailed it! During the consultation she asked what I liked and kept me connected to the process, made sure I was comfortable with the colors and process. Made sure I was happy with every look, but pushed me enough to try a few new products and applications that work! I highly recommend her services, she is a wonderful listener and takes the time to get your look perfect. I will definitely be seeing her for a “refresh” for the winter."

    Tyra Rudurd - Vail Relator

  • "Brook is awesome! She organized my closet by color and grouped similar items together, making it so easy for me to get ready quickly in the morning. She put the cutest outfits together with the clothes I already have. Brook takes pictures of the outfits so I remember how to put them together myself. Seriously, her services have not only saved me time but also money. She is kind and professional and I highly recommend her!"

    Vail Valley Local

  • "Brook is talented and so fun to work with! She brought clarity to my confusion that existed in my closet and helped me create outfits that fit my personality."

    Meredith, Vail Local

  • "Brook has amazing style. She helped me find a style that was edgy but professional. I loved working with her!"

    Vail Valley Local

  • "My husband got me The Style Edit for my Birthday - Best Gift Ever! Brook came to my home and we went through my closet. We got rid of so many pieces in my closet and it feels so good. I know have a clear sense of what silhouettes look best on my figure and I finally feel cute in casual clothes. Thank you Brook!"

    Vail Valley Local

  • "Ugh, why didn’t I do this sooner. I have been in a total style deficit since having my 2nd baby and have felt uncomfortable dressing my post baby body. Brook’s styling service has put me back together again. She informed me how to show off my best body parts with certain styles and how to minimize my muffin top. I feel more like myself and more confident with my body. Thank you so much!"

    Vail Valley Local

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