How To Build A Capsule Workout Wardrobe

Creating The Ultimate Wear-Anywhere, Super Chic Workout Wears in 12 Pieces




Tank ( similiar style ) / Jacket / Leggings / Shoes / Sunglasses

While #mariekondo-ing my dresser, the truth hit me in the face - I am a athletic wear junkie, there I said it.  Not only do I have one athletic drawer packed to the top, I have two!  So staying true to the queen of tiydying up ( Marie Kondo ), if a piece doesn't bring you joy,  you must thank it and say goodbye! 

Browsing thru a sea of prints, colors, and neutrals I realized that there are only a few pieces that I wear over and over again- the neutrals.  Building a Capsule Workout Wardrobe will simplify your morning sweat sesh while keeping you stylish whether you are running errands, driving carpool and or doing "all of the things" post gym.  Who doesn't want a workout wardrobe that you can still feel confident in while sipping a glass of rosè with a girlfriend after work? 

Is it just me or do you work harder at the gym when you look/feel cute?  #Truth.



The Ultimate Wear-Anywhere, Super Chic Workout Wears in 12 Pieces (or less).

Live with less.  Classic pieces that are carefully edited are the essentials to building your workout capsule wardrobe.  It's all about choosing neutral hues- Black, navy, white, and gray in quick-drying, athletic materials.  Purchase pieces that will mix and match, creating several different looks.

2 Leggings ( or 1 legging & 1 short ) 


Ladies, this is a no brainer- go with black leggings.  Black leggings are like God's gift to the lazy girl's wardrobe.  They go with everything and can tranisition you from the gym to your kid's school, to work (throw on a blouse and booties ) and my favorite, that rosè with a friend. 

When choosing black leggings you don't have to miss out on feeling a bit basic.  It's all about the details!  My all-time favorites are my Alo Moto Leggings ( elevated classic with a hint of edge).  High-waists and full lenth are my jam.  Try on all styles and determine what feels and looks the best for your body type.  Some of my favorite brands are; Zella, Alo, Lululemon, Free People, Noli and Target.    

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3 Tops ( tanks or tees)


For my Capsule  Workout  Wardrobe, I'm drawn to tank tops that are a little looser with a shorter length ( works well with high waisted leggings and is flattering with my body type ).  Keeping with my neutral and mix and match theme, I love my tops to be white, gray, or black. 

Seems a bit too basic for you?  Add tank tops or tees with interesting detail to your workout capsule wardrobe- crochet back, sheer cutouts, twist in the front, tie in the back, you name it there a ton of not-so-basic tanks (and tees ) out there!

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3 Layering Pieces ( long sleeve, jacket & vest )




From hiking to running to yoga in the park, don't let the chillier temps keep you from living your best life. 

Layering is the key ingredient when creating the Ultimate Wear-Anywhere, Super Chic Workout Wears.  Whether you add a vest, throw on a long sleeve or zip up your jacket- you can still exercise in style despite the weather.  Thank God, because living in Colorado the weather changes every minute!  


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2 Sports Bras ( low & high impact )



Runners, Yogis, Spinsters, Bootcampers, Powerlifters and more - you understand that finding the right sports bra for your body and your sport, is more or less crucial.  Keep "the girls" in line with good support and style! 

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2 Athletic Shoes ( indoor & outdoor )



Obviously, you wouldn't get far without a solid pair of workout sneakers.  For me it comes down to two styles; training and running.

Choosing the right footwear for your preferred activities is definetely a personal choice - what type of exercise are you doing, what's the shape of your foot, do you need extra padding, do you have a high or a low arch?  I recommend going to a shoe store that specializes in athletic shoes which will help you select the correct shoe for your chosen activity.

As far as style- I prefer a black pair of sneakers, all day everyday.

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Now you are ready to simplify and build your capsule workout wardrobe!  Please comment below if you have any questions or need any further recommendations.  Go get your sweat on in style!

xx, Brook


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