The Best Anti-Aging Options - Big and Small

With Vail / Aspen / Breckenridge / Glenwood Dermatology




Fountain of youth.  Peter Pan. Turn back time.  Supple, plump, and oh! that youthful glow.  You can look to any social media outlet to find the newest and latest skincare products / treatments that are promising to take years off of your face and that will defy the aging process.  Annnd  I'm like, sign me up! 

Now don't get me wrong, the idea of growing older gracefully is a noble one and I'm not scared or mad about it, in fact, I'm actually excited about turning 40... in 489 days ( but who's counting? - me! ).  Even though I am thankful for my health and that I embrace every year that this life brings me - it doesn't mean that I can't help my skin to look the best it can, right? 

I've teamed up again with Aspen / Vail / Breckenridge / Glenwood Dermatology to exprience how to achieve the best anti-aging skincare / treatment options- BIG and SMALLRemeber to do your research and determine what best fits within your desired outcome and budget.




Serums (small)

Are you looking for a minimal addition to your skincare regimen that gives you BIG results?  Add a serum.  Why?  Serums contain the highest concentration of active ingredients you can get without a prescription.  For example, moisturizers usually contain 5-10% active ingredients while serums can contain up to 70%. 

Serums are also target driven, meaning you can choose a serum that will address your aging skin concerns ( ie; sundamage, wrinkles, dullness, firmness, pore size, and hydration ).  Serioulsy, adding a serum to your skin care regimen will give you that boost you are looking for at a minimal cost. 

Currently, I am obsessed with the TNS Essential Serum by Skin Medica.  This all-in-one skin reguvinating treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and texture and is appropriate for all skin types. 



Purchase TNS Serum Here

Lasers (medium)

Are you interested in receiving relatively quick anti-aging results with minimal downtime?  I highly recommend the Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment.  This type of treatment is good for all ages and skin types, it reduces pore size, smooths texture and lightens brown spots, giving your skin that goregous youthful glow.  To find out about my Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment with Aspen / Vail / Breckenridge / Glenwood Dermatology click here.



Botox (big)

Now for all of my skincare and beauty treatment junkies, botox is where it's at.  This is definetely a treatment that I would recommend starting small and using it more for beauty maintenance then going overboard (frozen face = no bueno).  Botox is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing (3-6 months) the underlying muscles.  Once again, it is extremely important to do your own research on this treatment and on the clinic / physicians who will be administering this injection to you.  Personally, I have had amazing results with Aspen / Vail / Breckenridge / Glenwood Dermatology and highly recommend them.  To read more about my shhh! Botox experience, click here.





xx, Brook

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